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My Testimonials

Mary - Harborne

I started using Tony at the beginning of the year, previous to that I used other personal trainers who were not as knowledgeable as Tony. When considering a personal trainer please consider if you do not have the right person it can cause injuries. Tony's knowledge and know how has corrected a previous I T band problem with the exercises he has recommended. I have lost weight, toned up and I can highly recommend Tony. Stephen Taylor

Ruth - Harborne

Tony takes time to prepare training sessions that meet your needs and goals. He doesn't push you beyond your limits but inspires you to improve and get fitter with challenging and fun exercise. Definitely worth it and I would highly recommend him

Tara - Birmingham

I've had sessions with Tony for a few months now and have really saw the benefit. Tony been great at tailoring workout sessions, making them challenging and enjoyable. He has provided me with guidance on healthy eating which I've found very helpful. Overall, I've found Tony knowledgable, supportive and always approachable.

Elen and Scott - Birmingham

We are continuing to enjoy Tony's work. He is flexible, punctual and provides a varied workout which keeps us motivated and interested. We looked for a personal trainer to help with our motivation for doing exercise, and we certainly look forward to his sessions.

Esther - Birmingham

Tony is a very good personal trainer, he get to know you and understand what you want to achieve in personal fitness. He is a good motivation to do tasks to make you work hard and feel good at the end of each session. Tony is always on the time ready to go , he make the session enjoyable and we have a laugh too x

Marianne - Tipton

I contacted Tony as i wanted to get fit and start to eat healthily, he has helped me do both, the exercises are fun and managable, He is very helpful and very motivational, a great guy , he explains the exercise and what it is aimed at, always doing new exercises so i never get fed up or dread a certain exercise, thanks Tony

Jemima - Harborne

I have trained with Tony for a year, and he has been great. Tony listens to what you aim to achieve or what you are training for, in my case a ski season. He went away and did the research so he could tailor our sessions to preparing me for skiing. Tony is always encouraging and never harsh, he pushes me to do my best and work my hardest without feeling like I am over working. He listens to what I have to say about every exercise and will change the session plan if I am finding an exercise painful or too hard. I always leave our sessions happy and feeling better about my fitness. Tony sends out daily emails, I always look forward to these as they set me up for a good, healthy and active day! Tony thank you so much for all you have done, I will remember every exercise and will try my hardest to do them every morning.

Abigail - Bearwood

I got in touch with Tony with a specific goal in mind, never having been sporty or into keep fit in any way at all. From the start he was a great listener, working around the concerns I had about what I thought I shouldn't attempt and devising sessions that were always challenging and interesting and focused on getting me stronger. He was always punctual and is a good communicator, even down to the nuts and bolts of arranging each session. I know I wouldn't have been able to complete the walk I wanted to do without him and genuinely miss the sense of making progress under the expert guidance that his sessions provided

Lisa - Birmingham

I have never had a personal trainer before. But, when Tony trained me, I was very happy that Tony showed me the correct way to train. I even had fun! I wasn’t too knackered at the end but still felt I did a good workout. He encouraged me to do my best and gave advice on tips to eat healthy. Also, he was pleasant and friendly which made the workout fun, too! I would highly recommend Tony if you fancy a good workout with some fun!

Andrea - Halesowen

Love my sessions ... loads of variety and challenging exercises!!! Thank you Tony!!!

Charlotte - Birmingham

I really enjoy the structure of Tony's sessions and his use of gym equipment when its appropriate - just adding a little something to the session. I also like his understated sense of humour and how he is able to give out help and advice without being condescending - he talks to you on your level which is something i really appreciate.

Jessica - Kidderminster

I have no motivation to do exercise and am useless at attending gyms. Tony was a fantastic alternative. He comes to your house so there's no need to go out on a cold, rainy evening in order to get fit. He also brings also the equipment and tailors routines specifically to the areas you want to work on most. I found him enthusiastic, friendly and supportive. It felt easy getting down to my goal weight and I never felt better. Thanks Tony!

Andy - Bromsgrove

Tony, enjoyed your training session today. You tailored the programme to ensure we were all able to get maximum use of the time. Started us of gently and built it up from there. You were able to talk us through the exercise programme with good knowledge, the purpose of the exercise and explained what benefit we would get at the end. Will definitely recommend you to friends and work colleagues.

Jay - Birmingham

Tony is very knowledgeable in the field of fitness and diet. He is was able to work with me even with my dietary limitations. His encouragement has developed my passion for health and wellbeing. Now I want to become the strongest version of myself. Thanks Tony

John - Cradley

I have known Tony for a few years now and he is a passionate and committed fitness professional. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to lose weight and get fit in Birmingham!


Awesome coach who really CARES and shows that everyday. If you're going to train with anyone then this guy is worth 100x the price he charges! I'd recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape and are sick of being overweight


A sense of achievement. I have worked with Tony for over 3 months now and have seen an amazing change. The passion and dedication he brings to sessions is matched by his knowledge on fitness and nutrition. Achievement comes through results and this can only be achieved by the right support and this is what Tony will offer.